When we speak of communication, we mean above all conversations or letters, e-mails etc., i.e. words. But words are only the tip of the iceberg in human communication. Gestures, facial expressions, tone of voice, volume and even the whole body posture are usually used unconsciously for communication. In this way a lot of information is given about approval or rejection, sympathy or antipathy and much more. This often happens without us consciously sending or receiving this information. This is a great pity, because communication becomes much easier when we can use all channels.

Usually we want to achieve something with our communication. This is much easier if it is possible to perceive and respond to our counterpart.

I would like to mention two proverbs here that remind me of the essential.

We reap what we saw.
Live and let live.

Differences and contrasts are easy to notice, recognizing them brings us together.

There is a, in my opinion, very beautiful method for communication in difficult situations. It is called "non-violent communication" and was developed by Marshall Rosenberg. Here, the appreciation of the other person and cooperation are in the foreground.