Practice for trainers

As a practice company for the IHK certification as a dog trainer and behavioral consultant, I offer practice days.

My practical units are also accepted for the dog trainer training of the Tierakademie Scheuerhof.


On the practice days we talk about different training approaches of a task and practice the practical implementation among each other with our own dogs. A relaxed atmosphere is also important for successful learning with humans. Therefore I arrange the practice days according to your wishes and needs. Everyone can bring along training tasks that are of particular interest to him or her, or that may be missing from the activity report or skills book.

BHV value vouchers can be used for billing.
Otherwise a practice day costs 70,- € per person.


To prepare for a practice day, please consider which topics you would like to work on. Please let me know by email at least one week before the practice day so that I can prepare everything accordingly. According to experience we manage 1-2 topics per participant on one day. I cannot guarantee that all topics will be discussed.
Please bring all necessary documents from the BHV (voucher, activity catalogue and time sheet) with you on this day.

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