Knowledge forms the base of the training. There are many old and new findings which allow to work on a scientific basis and in a comprehensible way.

Despite all knowledge and theoretical foundations, training is also a craft. And practice makes perfect, as is well known. For training, observation must be practiced, timing and handling of rewards, structure of the training situation and much more. These skills can be improved through regular practice. Therefore it is enormously important to improve yourself in practice, e.g. through video recordings, seminars and exchange with others. Because the fewer mistakes we as trainers make, the faster the animal learns from us.

I consider it an essential aspect that you listen to other opinions and evaluate them for yourself. I do attend seminars where I assume that there is nothing new for me or the speaker has a different training philosophy than I do. So far every opinion has enriched me. Sometimes it is only one sentence in a one-day seminar that makes a new aspect of training clear to me. Or the realization that I never want to work like this strengthens me in my way.
There are many "gurus" who claim to know the right and only true training method.
I am convinced that a good trainer knows many methods and then thinks about which method is best suited for each individual situation.
I don't want to stop where I am, but I want to be enriched by new ideas and develop myself further.

There are many books and seminars about keeping and education, especially in the dog area. There are good and bad ones, as it is the case everywhere. One cannot take over everything without being asked. With time you will find out which training philosophy suits you personally. Then you can consider whether what you have just heard corresponds to your own philosophy and value system, and you can take over the knowledge or take it over yourself. If this is not the case, it was still not in vain, because the puzzle becomes more complete, even if one does not want to fall back on it.

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