Since we work with sensitive living beings, it is essential to be able to empathize with the other one.

Animals are sentient beings. In the theory of behavioural changes, 4 emotions are known to change behaviour. These are joy, fear, relief and frustration.

  • Joy over a positive confirmation.
  • Fear of punishment.
  • Relief that an unpleasant situation is ended.
  • Frustration that a positive experience is withheld.

These four methods also work for people. Just think about it... You will certainly think of examples from your everyday life how you have learned to do or not to do something with these emotions.
As a trainer, I can determine the means by which I want to teach the animal something. How would you prefer to be treated? I am sure your animal will agree with you. Treat your animal the way you would like to be treated.
And there are not only rules and laws but also understanding and consideration. Of course your animal should not live without limits. Even as a pet owner you have needs. Do not humanize your animal. It has different needs than we humans do, but we have to know, notice and consider these needs.

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