Practice groups

The practice groups will be held in German.

It's simple, but not easy.

After the seminar you will probably return to your everyday life with enthusiasm and good intentions.
But soon you will also encounter old familiar behaviours that are not so easily discarded. Consolidating the "new language" and developing an attitude takes time and, above all, always new ways of reflection. Regular training in groups has proven to be very effective for this.

The regular meeting offers the opportunity to keep in practice and to continuously deal with nonviolent communication in a protected environment. This way we do not lose what we have already learned, but we consolidate and deepen it.

We turn to topics that move us and practice nonviolent communication using examples from our everyday life. This is about sharing and practicing our own situations and supporting us in bringing nonviolent communication into a form suitable for everyday life.

We also talk about topics that I currently consider appropriate or about the participants' wishes for topics. The alternation of theoretical considerations and practical exercises should help us to deepen the inner attitude of nonviolent communication.

In order to take something away from an evening of practice, it is useful to have already attended at least one introductory seminar in nonviolent Communication.

The practice evening takes place
every 2nd Thursday of the month from 19-22 o'clock in Taunusstein-Seitzenhahn.

The participation fee is 20,- €.

Important notice:

Anyone who

  • is tested positive for corona
  • has symptoms of disease
  • has direct contact with Corona patients
  • lives in a household with someone who has this contact

participate in the practice groups online please. All others are welcome to come in person. We will pay attention to the safety distance and the observance of the hygiene rules. Weather permitting, we will hold the practice evening outside.

The online practice evening is structured in exactly the same way as the practice evening. Instead of meeting in person, we take part together in a video conference.

Technical requirements are a computer with internet access, speaker, microphone and camera.

The participation fee is 10,- €.

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