Tellington TTouch® Method

The Tellington TTouch® method is a holistic concept that considers and promotes all living beings individually. It has a beneficial effect on the entire organism. The trust between humans and animals is deepened. It can be applied to almost all animals and also to humans. But I am only talking about its use with dogs.

I'am enthusiastic about the method, because it looks at the animals with a very special view. The focus is on the attentive handling of the dog, listening and perceiving. One assumes that if one brings the dog into a physical balance, it will also feel better emotionally. And a safe, emotionally stable dog may not show any undesirable behaviour, such as leash aggression. This does not work with every dog at first go, but you get access to the dog and create opportunities to train with him.

There are 3 pillars of this method

  • Floor work
    By working on and with certain equipment, the dog is brought into balance and its concentration is improved.
  • Bandages
    The bandages around certain parts of the body bring the corresponding body part into the dog's perception. From general relaxation to pain relief, many things are possible.
  • Touches
    The touches are perhaps the most intense and direct type of methods. Through certain movements the tender touches are perceived by the dog very intensively. For different areas of application there is a variety of hand and finger positions, which have a very differentiated effect on the dog.

I would be happy to work with Tellington TTouch® with your dog and introduce you to the basics so that you can perform certain exercises with your dog yourself.

The price for a single lesson is 50,- € incl. VAT.

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